Sailing Holidays on the Norfolk Broads

Upton Yacht Station is situated in the heart of Broadland's best sailing area, a perfect location to set sail in any direction you choose, along rivers with virtually no trees to restrict sailing breezes.

Sailing holidays on the Broads have been a traditional part of British life since the turn of the century - and are still unique and unrivalled.

Of course, you have an engine if you want it, so you can easily dip into the real world of Broad-side shops, pubs and fascinating ports of call. But before long you'll probably want to slip quietly away to your own evening haven.

A meal at anchor, a quiet hour as the sun sets and birds settle, a peaceful night and where to sail next to contemplate for the following days.

Sailing yachts is something that, once started, is near impossible to stop. Like all real activities, there is always something more to learn.

Learning to Sail on the Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads School of Sailing, in association with Eastwood Whelpton, offers a wide range of courses at Upton using the Royal Yachting Association's National Sailing Scheme. The scheme covers all aspects of yacht sailing on inland waters, from 'Start Sailing' to 'Advanced Techniques'.

The 'Start Sailing' course, taken over a short break aboard one of the bermudian rigged yachts from the Upton fleet, will introduce beginners to the joys of sailing, while those with some experience can try a 'Basic Skills' module to develop their knowledge. Other modules, covering passage making and seamanship skills, can be taken on the more advanced yachts. All courses are extensively practical and also include an element covering specific Broads sailing skills.

A weekend 'Pre flotilla' course is also available. This course will build confidence for handling a small yacht on one of the popular Mediterranean flotillas. Basic sailing skills are included together with navigation, chartwork and meteorology.

Our qualified instructors have many years experience of Broads sailing. You will meet your instructor each morning and sail on different Broads or rivers while you complete the syllabus with his expert knowledge and guidance. Successful candidates will receive the appropriate RYA certificates.



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